The day before the day

Well… this is it. Tomorrow I board the plane and head towards Lebanon. I’m not quite sure the reality of it all has sunk in yet. I thought it would once I started packing. But for some reason I’m still checking the TV schedule for the weekend.

My trip and this blog is about a number of things. One of them trying to find out who I am and where I belong. Living in a country where even public trains and busses have free wifi, I’m already starting to get annoyed with the lack of online reliability in Lebanon. After trying to book a hotel room on several different hotel’s websites I finally had to give up today and call directly. Which made me think that maybe I’m not quite ready for the ways of the Middle East.

But then I remembered something: Lemonade with mint! Anyone who’s ever tasted that in the sweltering heat knows exactly how good a combination those two are. It’s a taste from my childhood that I’d all but forgotten until I went to Dubai five years ago and once again tasted that luscious drink. The thought of being able to drink that every day if I want suddenly made me feel like moving isn’t so bad an idea after all. So I’m planning on buying A LOT of that the first few days.

But now I better go repack my suitcase…. yet again. Packing for seven months isn’t as easy as it sounds (and I think it sounds almost impossible). But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll finally get to use all those pretty dresses that somehow don’t look quite right on the streets of Copenhagen. Let’s just hope I’ll look right in the streets of Beirut.

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