Hair or bare

For some reason there are just some nationalities that are easier to spot than others. Swedes are a completely different kind of blonde than Norwegians, the Greek have different hair than the Italians, the French are built differently than the Spanish and so on. Last Saturday I met someone who claimed that she could tell where people (or women anyway) come from by looking at their more intimate parts.

Like so many women all over the world I spent part of my Saturday having different parts waxed and was treated by a very sweet young woman, who I’ll call H. I had also been worked over by her three weeks earlier, so it wasn’t as if we were complete strangers (by Lebanese terms anyway). During the treatment, we started talking about how women from different cultures prefer different styles in their more intimate areas.

According to H, she could always tell if a woman had grown up in an Arab country or a Western country. Arab women preferred no hair at all (something known as a Brazilian, which she thought was quite strange seeing that women in the Arab countries have been doing it for hundreds of years), while women from Western countries liked to have a little left. H found that very funny, because like she said: “What difference does such a little area make?”

I could see her point, but said maybe it was because people in the West felt it was too childlike to be completely bare and therefore something that wasn’t suitable for sexual occasions. I also told her that some women feel the whole no hair trend is something men have “forced” upon women as part of a sexual ideal.

H understood the first point, but definitely not the second. On the contrary, H told me about a woman she had worked on the previous week. The woman was engaged and about to get married and wanted all hair below her neckline completely gone. The only problem was, her fiancé didn’t agree. He wanted a bit of hair left down there.  So once H was finished removing everything but a tiny strip, the woman asked her to step outside so she could call her fiancé. And from the other side of the door H could hear the woman arguing with her fiancé trying to convince him about all the reasons why no hair is better than a bit of hair.

But without luck. The fiancé insisted that a bit should be left behind. And so even though the woman would have preferred no hair, she did as her fiancé wished. On her way out it seemed she had even managed to convince herself that maybe a bit of hair was a good thing. Like she ended up telling H: “It’s probably good he doesn’t get to see all of me right from the start”.

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