While you’re busy making plans

Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans, someone very wise once said. Before I moved to Beirut I made lots of plans of things that I wanted to see, do and learn during my stay. Among them were:

See Baalbek (the Roman ruins that are so amazing even Rome is jealous)

Learn how to cook all kinds of different Lebanese food

Read lots and lots of books about the Middle East and especially by Arabic authors

Stand by the border with Israel

Learn how to make Arabic coffee

Get to know all the different and small neighbourhoods in Beirut (and especially West Beirut)

Make lots of Lebanese friends to practice my Arabic with

Go to Damascus to shop for lots of pretty things for the home

Visit the Hizballah museum

Learn how to swear in Arabic

Begin to enjoy drinking whiskey

Sing along with all the most popular Arabic songs

And the list goes on and on…

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Visited the Hizballah museum

Well, ok. I’ve have done a few other things than that. But I’ve suddenly realized that I have less than two months left in Beirut and have seen or done hardly any of the things on my list. Part of the reason is because homework and real work has taken up more time than I had expected. And although I hate to admit it, part of it is because I simply am not good at taking initiative to do those kinds of things myself.

But I am beginning to feel a bit panicky about the thought of leaving Beirut in less than two months time. Not because of all the things I haven’t managed to do, but because despite of all those things Beirut has become home in a way I’d never imagined it would. And I’m not sure I’m ready to leave home yet.

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One Response to While you’re busy making plans

  1. Jonathan says:

    Den med maden må du gerne praktisere en dag i DK og invitere mig – jeg er altædende ud i det arabiske køkken! 🙂

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