A greener Beirut

Anyone who has ever visited Beirut knows how polluted the city sometimes seems. Almost everyone 18+ has their own car. A lot of people under that drive around on scooters. And because of the constant electricity shortage most people have their own generator that runs on gasoline. So it would be almost a miracle if pollution wasn’t a problem in Beirut.

But despite all of this, I have found that Beirut in many ways is also a very green city. Trees grow in the most remarkable places. And after the civil war forced many people to stay inside, suddenly small balconies transformed into wild jungles.

I don’t know if the large amount of greenery is a good or bad thing (as the temperature keeps growing so does the lack of water). But it sure is pretty. If you don’t believe me take a look for yourselves:

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One Response to A greener Beirut

  1. BE says:

    “Its capital is given over to Saudi and Emirati project developers who destroy the wonderful old architecture and the social fabric of the community for greed, building more luxury holiday flats that are empty for eleven months a year, while rents become unaffordable and over a million Beirutis have to drive miles out of the city to find something vaguely resembling a park or a green spot. No wonder the majority of Lebanese prefer to flee their native land and live abroad. I will soon follow their example.”


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