A home in the making

In the Danish/Arabic blogging-project ‘Blog-On!’ the participants every week get a common theme that we can choose to write about if we feel inspired. Last weeks theme was “How I Live”. This is my post on the subject:


A non-Danish friend of mine asked me what I wanted for Christmas and was very surprised to hear the answer: two teaspoons, two forks and six dessert spoons. I’m not quite sure whether the surprise was because of the kind of wish or because of the very exact amount. But many Danes would take wishes like those for granted.

In most Arab countries young people don’t think about buying household things until they are about to get married and then they normally get most things as a wedding present. In Denmark people move out at an earlier age. And being a leading (or at least formerly leading) country when it comes to interior design, it’s very normal for people to start collecting designer cutlery, glasses and plates once they move away from home.

I’m 29 and for a million different reasons am still living with my mother. In fact, I’ve never really had my own home, which is VERY unusual by Danish standards. But that doesn’t mean that my need for building some kind of nest for myself hasn’t been there. On the contrary, I’ve bought plenty of things that will someday help me create exactly the kind of surroundings I’ve dreamed of living in. So instead of showing you how I live now I’m going to show you how I would like to live, when I get a home of my own.

A painting I bought in Slovenia by a young local artist


A bird made by my six-year-old nephew for Christmas


A traditional Arabic mosaic table that I bought in Damascus


A small part of my book collection. To me, a house isn’t a home without books


Modern Danish design cutlery along with the traditional Royal Copenhagen “Musselmalet” plate. It used to belong to my mothers aunt and I hope that one day it will belong to me


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5 Responses to A home in the making

  1. moroccomama says:

    My mother-in-law has the same plates! Total deja vu. I didn’t know they were Danish. Wow, now that you’ve informed me that Danish is synonymous with Design, I’m looking forward to feasting my eyes in Copenhagen.

  2. Suad says:

    Seems we have things in common, your bookshelf looks like the one I have now in my room, the cutlery I bought in my last visit to UK was some plates/forks and cupcake holder from Cath Kidston. I really regretted not buying a beautiful painting by a Spanish unknown artist I found in Covent Garden of a Spanish flamenco dancer which was sold for a very good price.

    I guess my only concern is where I will store these items now.

    I hope that one day, you will post pictures from your own house 🙂

  3. LCHR says:

    Dejlige ting, især den forfrosne tukan og din bogreal. Du har god litterær smag! Dante Alighieri er efter min mening den største kunstner, verden har set. Jeg har selv en antik udgave af hans Guddommelige Komedie, samt en version i engelsk oversættelse. Det bedste ved dette værk er næsten Dantes motivation for at skrive det. Hans store, høviske kærlighed, Beatrice, døde som ganske ung. Dante var sønderknust, og skrev små digte om Beatrice som hun var på jorden, og som han forestillede sig hende i himlen. Disse indgår i samlingen La Vita Nuova, hvor sidste afsnit slutter således:

    “After this sonnet there appeared to me a marvelous vision in which I saw things which made me decide to write no more of this blessed one until I could do so more worthily. And to this end I apply myself as much as I can, as she indeed knows. Thus, if it shall please Him by whom all things live that my life continue for a few years, I hope to compose concerning her what has never been written in rhyme of any woman. And then may it please Him who is the Lord of courtesy that my soul may go to see the glory of my lady, that is of the blessed Beatrice, who now in glory beholds the face of Him who is blessed for ever.”

    Og det blev så et par årtier senere til Den Guddommelige Komedie.

    Det er da smukt 🙂

    • helenhajjaj says:

      Hvordan i al verden kan du se, hvilke bøger jeg har stående?
      Nåede desværre aldrig hele vejen igennem Komedien. Nåede kun igennem helvede.

      • LCHR says:

        Når man klikker på billedet, kommer det i gigantisk format (2848 x 4288 pixels).

        Jeg burde skrive om DGK en dag. Det er et genialt værk på en million måder.

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