To write or not to write

Its been a while since I wrote anything not blog-on related. Not because I haven’t had anything to write about. On the contrary, big thoughts have been flying through my head constantly this past month, but whenever I try to write about them I always end up sounding like a spoiled 15-year-old, who’s mad at the whole world for not doing exactly like she says.

First of all (and perhaps most importantly for this blogs readers) is whether or not I should continue writing here. The idea behind this blog was to chronicle my thoughts and feelings during my stay in Lebanon. But now that’s over and I need to find a different meaning for the blog. My life in Denmark really isn’t that interesting and I’m not sure anyone would want to follow it.

Which leads me to some of my other thoughts. What can I do to make my life more interesting? Or at least interesting enough for me to be happy living it?

Going into 2010 everything seemed new and exciting. I was given a wonderful opportunity hosting the news programme that I worked for. It was only for three months, but I knew that when that was over I’d be packing my up and moving to Beirut – something I’d been wanting to do for years.

Going into 2011 was completely different. My wonderful adventure in Lebanon was over and I have no idea when or if I’ll ever be able to repeat it. I’m going to start working on a new program that (to be completely honest) is quite far from what I want to do.

With all the things I’ve tried, the places I’ve been, the jobs I’ve had I feel like I should be able to make a list of my qualifications and qualities and from there decide in what direction I want to go. But the only point I can ever get down is “A strong English – by Danish standards”.

A friend of mine suggested that I read the book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, because it has many similarities with my situation. It’s about a woman in her 30’s, who leaves a stable marriage and sets out on a journey to find… Well, inner peace I guess. And I can definitely see some things in common. Somehow I don’t think the answer to my problem is spending four months in an Indian ashram meditating and doing yoga.

But I can’t help envying the author a little bit for finding her inner peace. I just hope I will too one day. Preferably sooner than later.

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