In the Danish/Arabic blogging-project ‘Blog-On!’ the participants every week get a common theme that we can choose to write about if we feel inspired. Last weeks theme was “My favorite piece of artwork”. This is my post on the subject:

When I was a child I felt that museums and art were a waste of time. My parents tried taking me to different museums, probably hoping I’d at least one day appreciate it. But all I looked forward to was reaching the museum shop (which, I have to admit, is still a favorite part for me).

But all that changed when one day we went to an exhibition with paintings by the American artist Edward Hopper. For some reason his paintings really spoke to me. His most famous paintings depict different scenes and situations in New York in the 1930’s and 40’s – an era which I still like a lot. But I think one of the reasons I’m so fascinated by his work is that he has an incredible way of showing loneliness in a crowd.

It would be impossible for me to point out one painting over the rest. But this one, Nighthawks, combines all the things that I like about Edward Hopper.

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One Response to Nighthawks

  1. gliridae says:

    I’ve never seen Hoppers paintings before I read your post and googled the artist. You are absolutely right. His work speak of loneliness in a strange way. Like frozen in time. The architecture is very “functionalism” and modern for the thirties. A little like reading an album of Hergés Tintin.

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