One year later

So I’m going to start this blog with an awful cliché (and no – I don’t believe all clichés are awful. There’s a reason why they became clichés after all). But sometimes life really does work in mysterious ways. One year ago I was preparing myself mentally for moving to Beirut. It was a trip I had wanted to take for many years. A trip that not only was supposed to teach me Arabic, but also give me the time to find out who I am and who I want to be and to prove to myself that I could actually manage on my own.

Overall the trip was a success I would say. Some things went better than expected, others worse. But I would have never guessed that all those things would come in handy just a few months after returning from Beirut. Come in handy now that I find myself in Cairo – once again on my own, but this time a completely different person than I was one year ago.

When I left for Beirut I had all these expectations of the trip and of myself. This time I’m much more open to what will come. I’m sure I’m in for a hell of a ride though. World history is being written as I write this here in Cairo and I have a chance to witness it first hand. That’s honestly something I never thought would happen.


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